A Fall Well Spent

Peek-a-boo, here I am!  As some of you have noticed, I've spent the last few months less present in the demimonde. Not for lack of love though, as there's truly nothing like the experiences I've shared with the friends I've gained in this world. But because I felt that time away was due to reprioritize some passions I'd neglected and revive my vanilla career. When you spend a few years running about in the buff, flying off on excursions, having drool-worthy dates with dream gents, beautifying incessantly, and eating all the foods and cocktails-aka having the best job ever-sometimes concerted effort is necessary to find the ever-elusive balance we all require. I'm happy to share I've done that. And so, I'm updating my abandoned blog and deactivating introvert hermit mode.

Somehow, November snuck up on me. And I don't say that in the awkward-conversation-with-that-associate-you-never-followed-up-with-about-drinks way. These last few months have flown by! I've spent time with my incredibly large family, knocked off some cities from my travel bucket list, launched a business and returned to vanilla work, started playing the piano and singing again, sharpened my home chef skills, begun volunteer work here in the city, and developed a bit of an obsession for yoga + running at the crack of dawn. (I'll be running a 5k this weekend; wish me luck!) I've enjoyed the challenge of it all and return renewed. I can't wait to reconnect with you and hear about what revelations and changes your fall has brought you. 

 I've a few updates to announce soon, as some of the changes in my world will inevitably alter how I approach companionship as Bre, but for now, suffice it to say, I'm back. I sure did miss this secret world of ours. 

Enjoy a few snaps of my life lately. If it seems like my photos are mainly nudies, food/drink shots, & museum photos, it's because I'm holding out on you! ...And because apparently-even when recalibrating-my life consists of being naked, sipping cocktails, and finding any excuse to spend my free time looking at art. Some things don't change, huh? 

Upcoming post: My cooking adventures, including shots of deliciousness like the wine-braised short ribs, peach galettes, apple cinnamon muffins, and coconut curry chicken I've made. There's nothing like a hearty fall meal...


Bre Jolie