Travel fee applies if I'm coming to you!


In certain cities, my patronage is slightly different. Please note your (domestic) region for details! 


Standard Atlanta patronage applies. If I travel just for you, vehicle reservation/airfare will be included.


+100/hr for dates under 6hrs. Anything longer, please inquire!

West Coast

+200/hr for dates under 6hrs. Anything longer, please inquire!

*Outcall dates will include a travel fee

Exclusive Dates

Wanderlust is a constant in my life, and nothing would please me more than to travel directly to you, as the best delivery ever! I am happy to travel exclusively to meet you at your location, or we can be the adventurous duo in another city altogether, with me as your business trip muse or bucket list companion. It's up to you. I'm passport-ready! 

  • Travel in the Southeast - a 3hr minimum + travel, with my standard Atlanta patronage. 
  • Domestic Travel - a 4 hour minimum + travel. In certain cities, my patronage is slightly different. Please read my travel section for details.
  • Int'l Travel - a 2 day minimum + travel. Ask me, and let's curate our trip!

*Vehicle reservation or airfare (business or 1st class) airfare must be taken care of, with a 30% deposit.


The Fine Print


How to Give
I accept major credit cards (7% convenience fee),  at my discretion. Please let me know if you'd like to use one of these methods upon reserving time with me.

Let's come up from under the duvet for air, shall we! Dates longer than 3 hours are expected to include time for a meal, activity, drinks, or all three! Recharge time of about 7 hours is needed for all overnight dates to prevent crabbiness! And to recenter and recharge my introvert battery, multi-day dates require a few hours spent alone.

While I understand that changes happen and am sensitive to unexpected alterations, canceling our date can be a significant damper. If you need to cancel our date, please let me know with at least 48 hours advanced notice to avoid a cancellation fee of 25%. Appointments cancelled the day of will incur a 50% cancellation fee. 

I may require (non-refundable) deposits to secure a meeting, particularly for lengthy dates. This ensures that you're committed to connecting and I can begin planning for our experience together. In the unlikely even that I must cancel, a full return (and a profuse apology) will be issued.