Bre Jolie


Women like her cannot be contained...
— Warsan Shire

 I've never been afraid of my own duality. I am half librarian, half libertine. I collect historical fiction novels and toys that make airline security blush. My urbane veneer belies a wild, Midwestern upbringing that traces back to a colorful town in South Africa. Most mornings, I frequent farmers' markets for fresh flowers and produce for dinner. And just as easily, I lose myself to the night, dancing unabashedly in the dim, underground lounge you've been meaning to try. Equal parts sugar and spice, my mezzo soprano voice lilts melodically through accents. And I'm known to break into song with perfect pitch at a moment's notice. I know countless songs, and I hold even more secrets. I'd love to be yours... 

You are truly one of the most unique and beautiful women I have ever had the pleasure to spend time with. Witty, well-traveled, well-educated, well-endowed! I know we did not scratch the surface...So I must make sure to see you again! You are a true gem of a woman. I wish I could keep you bottled up to myself, but that would just be cheating the rest...
— Personal Correspondence 2017

Perhaps you recognize contradictions of your own in yourself. You and I, we're kindred spirits. And what we long for doesn't have to be the stuff of dreams. 

Let's escape the mundane. I offer you soul with my seduction. And the chance to co-create a world full of lust, lace, and laughter that lasts as long as we want it to.